Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission Statement

Waikerie Lutheran Primary School is a supportive Christ-centred community, equipping each student for life

A supportive Christ Centred Community remembers that while we were made good in God’s image, we are at the same time guilty human beings that are far from our Heavenly father’s idea of perfect people.  It is only through Jesus Christ’s life saving work on the cross that God sees us fit to be in heaven with him. 

That’s why when we do ‘all things through Christ’ (our motto that appears in our emblem), we remember that:

  • we are no better or worse than anyone else, we are all people whom need saving
  • (as above) it is our goal that the love and care dispensed at this school is for each child and each family, equally apportioned, as Christ loved us all.
  • we humbly go about our work, knowing it is Christ’s work we do and Christ’s love in which we live.
  • it is our place only to sort our affairs and not the affairs of others.  By doing things through Christ, we attend to our relationships with each other by reflecting on our personal relationship with God (God and the government are in control of judgement, the schools job is to deal in fairness).
  • (as above) we respect the position of our teachers and principal, and encourage them in their endeavours as they serve our children and the wider community.


Our Vision

In 2014, the school council deliberated and discussed the vision for our school.  We have made this vision accessible to the students as the key stakeholders in our organisation:

The wise learn from others

Arrive to learn, leave to serve

Justice with Compassion

As you walk around our school, you may notice our vision lived out every day.


Our Lutheran School Foundational Values

Love    Justice     Compassion     Forgiveness     Service    Courage     Humility     Appreciation     Quality     Hope