Specialist Subjects

Music and the Arts

Specialist Music and Choir Involvement


The Arts are given high importance at WLPS with dedicated specialist music lessons each week, which incorporates instruments, ICT, rhythm and musical terminology in a hands on and engaging program. Students are given the opportunity over the course of their schooling to learn a range of instruments ranging from simple percussion, to the recorder and ukulele. These skills are then show cased at our school concert which takes place towards the end of Term 3.

Students in Years 4 to 6 are also provided with the opportunity to take part in the combined schools' choir that performs in the Riverland Festival of Music at the Chaffey Theatre in Renmark. Through participation in the choir, students are able to audition for solo's, student compere roles, inclusion in the festival band or as an assisting artist. This provides students with musical and/or public speaking talents the opportunity to perform to a large audience in a concert setting. WLPS has been affiliated with the Festival of Music for 12 years and has been blessed with a number of student comperes, soloists, concert band members and assisting artists. Visit the Festival of Music page for more information.



Drama and Art

Each year, WLPS hosts a school concert, where classes performs an item to the wider school community. These performances range from musical items, dance pieces, poetry and drama and often incorporate an element of humour. This concert provides students and staff to demonstrate their abilities within the areas of the performing arts and is always well received.

In addition to the school concert, the students in our senior classes take part in an Exhibition annually. This Exhibition is a culmination of the students learning journey at WLPS and incorporates many areas including performing arts, visual arts and ICT.  



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Environmental Play


Environmental Play provides children with the opportunity to explore the natural world around them in an engaging, hands-on and imaginative way. Through the exploration of their environment, children can develop their critical thinking, creativity, problem solving and risk taking skills whilst having good clean fun!

WLPS has a dedicated “Environmental Investigation Area” which includes a mud pit, mud kitchen, hay bales, trees, sticks, bark etc, all of the ingredients for fun play based learning.

Come and see our learning in action.




To embrace the required learning pathways for the jobs of the future, WLPS has made a commitment to ensure that our students are able to engage in and challenge themselves in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Every student at WLPS has access to an iPad, with students in Foundation to Year 3 using the class iPads and students in Year 4 to 6 with their own individual device. The use of iPads within the learning environment enables our students to access information with ease, express themselves creatively and develop ICT skills.


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LOTE (Language other than English)

In Languages other than English students not only learn about and gain an understanding of the Punjabi language, but they also acquire knowledge and understandings of Indian culture, society and traditions.


Specialist Physical Education and the Perceptual Motor Program

PE and Sports Participation

Waikerie Lutheran Primary has a Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) for students in Foundation.  Students in the Foundation/Year 1 class participate in Fundamental Movement Patterns (FMP), an extension of PMP. Both programs allow children to develop their gross motor skills and auditory memory processing. Mr Braun coordinates the specialist Physical Education program.  This allows the children to progressively develop their physical skills, knowledge and understanding of the rules and strategies of most of the major sports. 

The School has its own Sports Day and comprehensive Swimming Program. We also support the various local sporting activities/events as this enables the children to develop relationships with the other children within the area. Activities include the Mid Murray Sports Day and SAPSASA events. Children are given the opportunity to try out for SAPSASA teams in Years 6 and 7.  Students from our school have represented the Riverland at State Championships and South Australia at National Championships.


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