Waikerie Lutheran Primary School, which operates under the auspices of the Waikerie Lutheran Parish, offers its program of Christian education to all applicants regardless of ethnic origin, gender, religion or disability provided that:

* through enrolment procedures, parents seeking enrolment for their children undertake to support willingly and freely the stated purposes of Waikerie Lutheran Primary School.

* adequate space and resources are available.

* It is established that the school can meet the needs of the child.

An application for Enrolment form is included with this Prospectus for your convenience. This must be filled in and signed by both parents or care givers.

Admission Policy

Waikerie Lutheran Primary encourages parents to take advantage of our two Foundation intakes annually, one at the beginning of each semester. By taking enrolments of children twice annually, the children will have access to a play based focus of learning in a formal school setting.

Children who turn five before the 30th April will begin school at the start of the school year.   Children who turn five before the 31st October will begin at the start of Semester 2. Discretion with these dates will rest with the principal, dependent on the maturity level of the child. A child that has missed the semester intake would not be denied the opportunity of a mid-semester intake.

Having two intakes per year will enable greater stability within the classroom.  This process allows the class to progress with their learning without the interruption of repeating the same induction process mid-semester. Greater progress can therefore be made by the children throughout the year.