Three Way Interviews

Waikerie Lutheran Primary School values 3 Way Interviews as an essential and compulsory time to report student learning and build relationships between the school and families.

What are 3 Way Interviews?

An Interview style meeting conducted between student, teacher and parent/s.

 A compulsory component of WLPS reporting to parents.

An opportunity for students to reflect on their learning for Term 1.

An opportunity for both parents and teachers to prompt or question the student  about their learning.

Is extra time or individual time with the teacher without my child available?

An optional extra 10 minutes without students is available if you have any concerns that may take longer to discuss or are not on the agenda.

Teachers may also contact parents if they feel an additional 10 minutes is required by them. 

*Please note that interviews need to run to time and lateness will result in a shorter interview.

We ask that every family:

Make a booking online - (single session 10 mins with 5 min change over) in which you and your child can come into the classroom to meet with the class teacher to discuss your child’s learning.

Extra time - If you feel you have something pressing you wish to discuss with the class teacher please book a double time slot with the class teacher.

If you have more than one child, then you will need to make a separate time to see each child’s teacher individually.

On the night of the interviews the Principal and Learning and Teaching Coordinator will also be around the premises and available in the SWEL Centre if you wish to chat to them.

At WLPS we look forward to continuing open communication regarding your child’s learning throughout 2022.

Student Led Conferences

What are Student-Led Conferences?

Student Led Conferences are an integral part of our reporting process and are linked in with our mid-year reporting processes.  They differ from the teacher-directed parent teacher interviews, as the student is actively involved in the learning and the reporting process.  Student Led Conferences take the form of a conversation between the student, their parents and their teacher, allowing students to demonstrate their individual growth and any particular achievements that they are proud of. 

 Why do we run Student-Led Conferences?

The benefits of these conferences are numerous and include:

  • Student takes responsibility for their own learning:
  • They are required to set their own learning goals
  • Monitor and share their progress through self, peer and teacher feedback
  • Evaluate their progress through teacher directed assessment and self  and peer evaluation
  • Help to direct future learning
  • Helps to foster a home-school partnership
  • open and honest dialogue
  • parents, students and teachers have access and direction in student learning
  • Gives students a chance to show parents direct improvement in their own learning
  • Allows parents, students and teachers to celebrate the student’s success together!
  • Gives students a chance to develop and use real world skills:
  • Self-reflection and evaluation
  • Organisational and communication
  • Self-confidence

We ask that every family:

Make a booking online - (30 minute session) in which you and your child come into the classroom to see what your child's learning journey since the beginning of the year.