The Uniform Shop is located in the former school house on site and is open on Monday morning from 8:45am until 9:15am.

Uniform can also be ordered via the attached Purchase Order form if you are unable to attend during uniform shop opening hours. The uniform can be paid for and picked up from the office the day after the uniform shop is open or by arrangement.

Girls Summer Uniform


Girls summer uniform options are:

  • Summer Dress
  • White Socks
  • Black Leather Shoes or Navy Sandals
  • WLPS Bucket Hat

Boys Summer Uniform

Boys summer uniform options are:

  • WLPS Polo Shirt
  • Navy School Cargo Shorts
  • Navy or White Socks
  • Black Leather Shoes/Elastic Sided Boots or Sandals
  • WLPS Bucket Hat

Girl's Winter Uniform

Girl's winter uniform options are:

  • WLPS Long Sleeve or Short Sleeve Polo
  • Navy Girl's School Pants or Winter Skirt (Size 10+)
  • WLPS Pinafore (Size 6-8) with White Shirt
  • WLPS Jacket
  • WLPS Jumper
  • Navy Tights or White Socks
  • Black Leather Shoes
  • WLPS Bucket Hat

Boy's Winter Uniform

Boy's winter uniform options are:

  • Long or Short Sleeved WLPS Polo
  • Navy School Pants
  • WLPS Jumper and/or
  • WLPS Jacket
  • Navy or White Socks
  • Black Leather Shoes, Black Sneakers or Elastic Sided Boots
  • WLPS Bucket Hat

Hair Accessories & Hat

Hair Accessories should be simple, ribbons or scrunchies using school colours or summer uniform material.  Long hair needs to be tied back at all times.

The school hat is an integral part of the school uniform.  A "no hat no play" policy exists at the school and children without the school hat will be unable to play, and will be seated under the shade structure near the administration building. 

Please note that the following are NOT part of the uniform:

  • make up and nail polish
  • jewellery (only a simple cross on a fine chain or a medic-alert necklace are acceptable).
  • rings and bracelets (medic-alert bracelets are acceptable)
  • earrings - only 1 pair of silver/gold studs or sleepers, a maximum of one per ear in the lower lobe only.
  • bike pants (sports brief under uniform are acceptable)
  • rugs and pillows (unless going on camp)

Sports Uniform

Sports uniform is worn on the allocated class sports days.
  • WLPS Polo Shirt
  • WLPS Navy Sport Shorts
  • Predominately White or Black Runners
  • WLPS Polo Shirt or
  • WLPS Long Sleeve Polo Shirt
  • WLPS Track Pants