Our classrooms are designed to bring out the best in your child.

Classrooms are flexible, well-appointed and equipped with iPads for each individual.

In fact, when you tour our school, you may be surprised by the set-up of the classrooms. Gone are the traditional rows of student desks facing the whiteboard and in their place are innovative and flexible learning spaces.

The layout of each classroom incorporates a number of different learning spaces. This provides children with the opportunity to find a space that suits their learning needs.

Each room has dedicated spaces for collaborative work, individual endeavour and quiet retreat spaces.

In the spirit of finding what works best for the individual’s learning journey, students can also choose to work at low desks or high tables, or they can even sit on the ground if appropriate.

We invite you to tour our school and see how flexible learning spaces are changing the way in which our students learn for the better.


The school is set over three hectares of land between McCutcheon and McIntosh Streets, in Waikerie.

Surrounded by residents and a caring local community, the grounds include: