Our purpose is to inspire each other to learn and grow.

We embrace Christian values to build positive, nurturing relationships and a culture in which everyone can belong and achieve.



We are kind, caring and generous. We share Christian values and find fulfillment through the wellbeing and happiness of others.


We value differences and welcome everyone. We empathise with and treat everyone fairly. We help each other to learn and achieve.


We challenge ourselves and always strive to achieve our best. We are honest, thoughtful and accept responsibility for our decisions and actions.


Waikerie Lutheran Primary School will be well known as a leader in contemporary education and for having a nurturing culture of Christian values, care and belonging. 

Students will be inspired to enjoy learning and achieve academically, by staff who understand the developmental needs of young people and apply the best teaching practices to engage students and ignite their passions. 

The school’s impressive grounds and facilities will enable a variety of learning, physical and social development experiences and will continually evolve to enable new opportunities for students, staff and the wider community.


The Board, staff and students of Waikerie Lutheran Primary School continually challenge ourselves to learn, develop and improve.

We appreciate each person’s individuality and embrace the school’s values to create an environment in which students are cared for, feel they belong and develop a love of learning. We believe positive relationships are the foundation for personal wellbeing and academic achievement.

We apply a variety of contemporary teaching methodologies flexibly, informed by data to engage and inspire each student to flourish. We provide opportunities and experiences that excite and inspire.

We apply a systematic approach to ensure staff capabilities, facilities and resources are continually improved, to provide an excellent learning environment.