Lutheran schools have nurtured and educated Australian children since 1839. They are closely linked to the Lutheran Church of Australia.

A Lutheran school is based on solid understandings about people and life.

God’s word, as revealed in the Bible, is the authority for living and learning in each Lutheran school. Its central message is that of the gospel, the good news that our acceptance by God does not depend on our own worth or achievements but on his unconditional commitment to us as evidenced in the life and death of Jesus. 

Lutherans believe that through the process of Christian schooling God’s Spirit is active in the lives of the community leading children and families to know and trust in God.

In a Lutheran school each student is seen as a unique person created by God. He made them and loves them and provides each of them with dignity and worth. All of them have their own talents and needs as well as the potential to live useful and fulfilled lives in the world.

Lutherans believe that all positive knowledge and learning is a great gift of God for the growth and welfare of human beings.

Each school considers it important to develop a spirit of service in its students so that in their lives, studies, relationships, ambitions, values and attitudes they reflect a commitment to living useful lives for the good of others.



For all of us at WLPS, being a Lutheran school community means we want to be place that reflects God’s unconditional love for each person.

We strive to be a community where Lutheran Education values are a lived experience:

  • We respect all others and seek justice because God loves and values each of us the same. 
  • We seek and show forgiveness, through restorative practices. 
  • We show compassion and seek acts of service because God’s love for us motivates us to want the best for others. 
  • Humility, courage, hope, quality, and appreciation describe the ways in which we strive to be and act towards others.