You and your child will become part of the WLPS “family” when you step through our gates for the first time.


Our teachers truly care about each child and their unique needs as they progress from Foundation to Year 6.

Image of the Child

At WLPS we have a joint understanding of what we believe to be true about all children, this is our ‘image of the child’. 

We know that our ‘image of the child’ is critical, because it is the underlying beliefs about children that direct an educator’s professional practice and impact their relationships with both students and colleagues. 

At WLPS  we believe that: 

All children are unique gifts from God created in his image. So, we hold the whole child at the core of what we do with care and respect. 

All children are full of potential and capable of leading their own learning. So, we create environments where risk-taking, curiosity, making mistakes, and challenges are embraced within boundaries that offer a safe and supportive environment for all to thrive. We will also allow children access to resources that provide opportunities for them to discover personally meaningful pathways to success. 

All children are created to learn, grow and develop through relationships with their peers, family, educators and the wider community, capable of making a difference to our world through their actions and service. So, we are open minded, and listen to and value their diverse perspectives. 

All children are natural inquirers and creators with an innate sense of wonder and intrinsic curiosity. So, we will encourage the understanding of, development of, and expression of individual strengths and individual funds of knowledge.