At WLPS we are committed to the wellbeing of your child, and the entire WLPS community. 

Our school is safe, welcoming and nurturing. In the digital-age students face a range of challenges and pressures that were not as prevalent in pre-social media times, our wellbeing strategies help to equip students with tools to develop resilience, strengthen relationships and foster positive self-worth. 

Berry Street Education Model strategies are used in all classes to promote safe, healthy and engaging learning.

The Open Parachute programme is used to teach preventative mental health strategies, and provides opportunities for staff and parents to discuss and develop their own wellbeing.

Our Positive Behaviour Learning policy focuses on a range of strategies that proactively teach the learning of positive behaviour as well as outlining how we respond to breaches of our Student Code of Conduct.

Student Wellbeing Officer

WLPS receives federal government funding to employ a Student Wellbeing Officer.

This role entails providing support to a range of initiatives.

Our Student Wellbeing Officer, Shazz Paschke, is empowered by the school to: